Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adventures with Edward: Edward goes to the movies

Setting: Outside the movie theater

Edward is chillin and relaxin on the fountain outside of the movie theater. He’s all set to see New Moon. If nothing other than to make fun of Jacob. And drool for Bella. She looks just like this doll he knows.

He’s got on his TEAM EDWARD shirt, to show his support. The puff paint looks very manly.

Suddenly, he looks over and sees…himself.

“Hi!” the copy of himself says. It’s eerie. Except for the scarf and Tshirt, this guy looks JUST LIKE HIM.

“Hi!” says Edward. They stare at each other for a moment. It’s like a Twilight Zone moment. They have the same Pea Coat, the same tight fitting jeans. They even have the same spiky hair.

“We must be brothers. Separated at birth. I’m Edward,” says the Edward copy.

“Dude. My name is Edward too. I’m going to see New Moon. Wanna see it with me?”

“Sure, dude.”

They stare at each other for another moment, then go for a man, er- doll hug. It’s awkward and plasticky and their arms don’t bend, but whatever. Bros for life.

Inside in the theater, they share a seat and watch the movie. Jacob definitely has the abs. But Edward has the Bella.

Too bad the concession stand doesn’t sell any mountain lion or gazelles.


Insanitykim said...

I feel like I have commented on this before but, now I feel like I am at the movies on this fancy blog. Edward is very happy. He told me.

Don't forget your chicken zombie. They taste like tomatoes...

Insanitykim said...

Oh and I know you got all excited seeing you had comments. Sorry it was just me. Downer man.

PS take off the word verification please! Thank you!

BugginWord said...

Oh dear, this can't be good. I might as well kiss another hour of my life goodbye because clearly I need to go play in your archives. 'Cause I really need another weird way to be obsessed with Twilight...

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