Monday, January 4, 2010

Adventures with Edward: Edward gets arrested

Setting: Texas.

"It all started out so innocently," Edward says. "I was just doing a little sightseeing. I even got a Tshirt that said THE LONESTAR STATE in honor of my trip. Here's what happened...

First stop, the Alamo.

It was kind of boring, so I headed over to the Riverwalk.

Well, THAT was kind of boring so I got ... distracted. And maybe carried away.

First I found me a car.

And that was cool and all, riding around town. And then I came across the President. Or maybe it was a look alike?

Anyways, we posed. He liked my Texas Tshirt and I liked his red tie. We partied down, told jokes, I pushed his bobble head around. Good times.

Then I thought, you know what would be REALLY fun? To drive a REAL car. So I found me a nice car with a sweet sound system and just when I was blasting some Journey...

... that's when the po-po found me. And by "po-po" I mean big hairy uniformed guys in a big hairy car with flashing lights.

They didn't think my little joy ride was all that cute, even when I started throwing down some gangsta rap, so...

...I had to put my hands behind my back. It was just like one of those COPS shows. Only, I'm a plastic doll, and my arms only bend so much. So those policemen had themselves a little mini-conference to discuss how to transport me. This is what they decided:

And there I was, handcuffed and strapped into the car.

I wondered if Bella Doll would think I was a trouble maker, would she post bail? Would Edward Sunglasses make a second appearance? How would Bella Doll even know I'm in jail? What happened to my scarf? HOLY COW I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE.

And that's when I woke up.

PSYCH. You think I actually got arrested? Psh.

But I had you going there, didn't I?"

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