Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures with Edward: All My Dolls

Setting:  the set of the new soap opera series called "All My Dolls".

"Aaaand ACTION!"

"Bella, I'm sure glad we're finally together.  I like having you as my woman."  Edward puts his arm around Bella.  Well, as much as his plastic elbows allows.

Bella snuggles next to Edward's plastic pea coat. "Yeah.  Me too.  Oh, so I made this for you.  It's to go with your scarf."

Edward takes the hat and puts it on.  Bella was thoughtful enough to account for his spikey stick uppy hair.  So sweet.

Edward slips it on and turns to Bella.  "Whaddya think?  Is it me?"

Bella taps her chin thoughtfully.

Suddenly, the other dolls point their fingers hands and laugh at Edward.

"HAHAHAHA You look like a dork."

Edward rips the hat off his head and mutters "You guys suck."

Edward #2, seeing this as a chance to steal Bella's attention shouts, "I'll wear it!"

However, as soon as Edward #2 puts on the hat, he realizes he does, indeed, look like a dork and takes it off. 

Turning to Edward Noir, he says "hey man, you wanna try it on?"

Edward Noir sniffs in disgust.  "Are you kidding me?  I am way too cool to wear that thing".

Edward #2 looks pointedly down at Edward Noir's brown shoes with his black suit and blue shirt.  "Gee, Ed, I think you should've been a little more choosy when you got dressed.  You don't match at all."

Edward Noir rolls his plastic eyeballs.  "Whatever.  I'm still too cool."

Edward faces Bella and says in his sultry hushed vampirey voice, "I'm sorry Bella.  I was wrong to not wear your hat.  Would that make you happy?"

Bella, ever dramatic, turns away from Edward and says quietly, "I'll have to think about it.  I need to be alone.  And...just so you know, I think your scarf has a hole." 

Edward takes a deep breath and turns to Edward #2 and Edward Noir.  "Guys, I need my hat back.  I'll look like a dork but I'll have Bella.  So.  Give it here."

Edward #2 reluctantly gives back the hat.  He must think of other ways to steal the affections of Bella.

Love.  It's a tricky complicated crocheted thing.

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