Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adventures with Edward: Edward goes to work with his human

Setting: office desk of the human who carries Edward around in her purse

Edward, bored of the home of his human (aka me), decides to find adventure by tagging along at work.

His first job, to hand me paperclips.

Then, Edward hands me my highlighter. He is feeling very good about himself.

Then like the easily distracted vampire doll that he is, Edward goes a little crazy. He spins himself in my office supply carousel thingy.

Quicker than I can say “Vampire Gone Wild”, Edward wraps himself in tape.

I untangle Edward from the sticky tape. Edward promises to be good.

I send Edward to the copy room to make some copies for me. However, this proves to be a mistake.

I find Edward making mischief. Edward tells me this is the closest he could come of photocopying his hiney. Whatever, I say. He laughs at his handiwork.

I carry Edward Doll back to my desk and tell him he needs to have S.Q.U.I.R.T. Edward looks at me questioningly. It’s ’Silent Quiet Uninterrupted Individual Reading Time’, I explain. I load up Midnight Sun on my iPhone and set Edward down to read.

This lasts five minutes. Then he finds my SIGN HERE tabs.


BugginWord said...


Jessica said...

I think I need an Edward. But does that mean I'm on his "team?" cause I don't exactly think I'm ready for that kind of commitment.

mepsipax said...

Freaking hell that was hilarious. But twilight sucks.

Kellie Cosner said...

This is my favorite!!!

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