Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventures with Edward: Edward writes Bella Doll a poem

Setting: Office of the human

Edward, climbs out of the human’s giant purse and says he’s been thinking. I ask him what about. “Bella Doll,” he says, with a faraway look. “I’ve decided to woo her. Tis time I declared my intentions.”

I set Edward up at my desk and let him brainstorm. After a few minutes I check on his progress.

“Hmm,” I say. “It’s ok, but I think you can do better, Edward. Try again. This time, think about what you like about Bella Doll.”

“Ha.Ha.” I say, rolling my eyes.” Edward laughs uproariously. Boys.

I place Edward off to the side of the computer to think about maybe writing a poem. Edward contemplates.

Poor Edward. He can’t scratch his head. Those elbows just won’t bend enough.

Edward types away at the computer. He tsks. Crosses things out. Thinks more. Types again. This is what he comes up with:

Edward looks to me for approval. “Well?” he asks.

“Umm…Gee, Edward, I’m just so blinded by the love oozing from your words…give me a second to think…”

Edward taps his foot impatiently. It’s the only thing on his body that moves with ease. I pick out the drum line for “Whip It” in his foot taps.

“Edward, I think we should just try to find you some sunglasses.”

Edward sighs deeply and crawls back in my bag. Poor Edward.

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